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PREMIER RADIOLOGY is the largest outpatient diagnostic imaging network in Tennessee. The esteemed network is a joint venture organization of Saint Thomas Health, Advanced Diagnostic Imaging and MidState Radiology, providing 16 diagnostic imaging locations throughout the region. PREMIER RADIOLOGY provides access to over 50 board-certified, sub-specialized radiologists, at convenient locations, within the Davidson, Montgomery, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson and Wilson counties of Middle Tennessee. From our sub-specialized radiologists to our registered technologists, our commitment to accuracy and the patient experience is not just an expectation, it’s the mission of PREMIER RADIOLOGY.


We are especially proud of our experienced INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY TEAM. Drs. Bernhard, Blount, Couden, Friday, McCurdy and Wunder are dedicated, board-certified radiologists specializing in minimally invasive, targeted treatments. Using image-guided technology like CT, X-ray or ultrasound, they perform minimally-invasive procedures that diagnose and treat disease. Catheters and other micro-instruments enter the body through tiny punctures, often as small as a pencil tip and are guided usually through an artery to target and treat the direct source of the disease. This targeted effect results in quicker recovery time, lower costs, less pain, and lowered risks than traditional surgery.


Key Benefits of INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY [less invasive, smaller incisions, quicker recovery, reduced risk of infection, and less body trauma]. Learn more about common interventional procedures:

We understand all diagnostic imaging facilities are not created equal. PREMIER RADIOLOGY is committed to you and providing compassionate, convenient, state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging. Today, you have a choice, be informed; and, understand the cost differences between a hospital and an outpatient facility. The next time you need a diagnostic imaging study or pain management procedure, let your physician know that you would like an appointment with PREMIER RADIOLOGY.